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10/1/20232 min read

"kr4u" tips for travelling safe while in train journey, specially in Non-AC or 3rd AC coaches.

1. Always opt upper berth as your preference while booking your ticket. Probability of getting upper berth is 85-95%, when booking your tickets in irctc portal.

Why? Upper berths are the safest berths for the solo travellers as it is quite difficult for anyone to reach out for the bag kept at the corner towards wall side at upper berth. Keep your heavy luggage below the lower berths with chain lock always. Thieves always look for laptop bags or similar size bags which is easier for them to run. If the space below the lower berth is occupied entirely by co-passengers, gently ask them to side their luggage, as you also have allotted space for keeping your luggage under the lower berth. In case of trouble contact Coach Attendant/TTE/RPF on the train or at next station. You can also tweet railway ministry to get immediate help.

2. Avoid leaving your berth for washroom when train is moving slowly specially when train is departing from any station. Wait till the train touches a suitable speed of at least 40–50 km/hr.

Why? In most of the cases, theft is reported when train departs from any station . This helps thieves to run away as any person running behind has to sacrifice his train and generally people avoid doing that. Why your co-passengers will sacrifice their train for your luggage? Rare, They will.

3. Avoid using expensive devices (like iPad, laptop etc.) from the time you enter into a station to catch your train (specially for female solo travellers).

Why? Thieves generally target their hunt from the station and most of the times they look for female solo travellers and using expensive devices will attract them to target you. If it is urgent , use them after boarding.

4. Never ever consume food/drink/beverage/snacks/water etc. offered by fellow or co-passengers, no matter how gentle you feel about them or their behaviour.

Why? You don’t know about the character or background of your fellow/co-passenger. They might drug you to loot your valuables and run away. Always keep your phone location on in WhatsApp or some other app so that your family or friends can trace your location in case of emergency.

5. Keep cash of 100, 50, 20, 10 & 5 denomination in upper pocket. Keep at least Rs.500/- in total, so that every time you don’t have to open your wallet/purse in front of vendor or co-passenger.

6. Always pack homemade food in disposable container for your entire journey. Why disposable container, because you can throw then in dustbin after consumption and your luggage space will be saved. We suggest to avoid any food from vendors even if they are from authority except in case of Vande Bharat and Rajdhani.

7. For making tea/coffee use ta maker plugging into railway charging socket and use readymade tea bags and sugar. You can get disposable container or instant tea/coffee mix here.

***We wish you a happy and safe journey.***